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Council Member Shellie Milne

Shellie Milne
As a mother, a family farmer, and a small construction business owner, Council member Milne became politically active as she saw the size of government growing beyond its intended scope and the crippling legislation and regulations destroying small business and private property rights.   As a fiscally conservative leader who truly appreciates the importance of  the values and vision within the community of Hemet, she also believes that those values can only be preserved and that vision achieved, through dedication, self reliance and hard work.  “I am not one to waste time, and I firmly believe that Hemet does not have time to waste.  If we are committed to taking back our city, we need to have realistic and frank discussions about the issues,  then begin producing and implementing effective solutions that complement that vision.”  She believes that these solutions lie within the means and personal investment from our own community and not by promulgating an entitlement mentality that is handed on from generation to generation, along with the destructive price tag that comes along with it.  

In line with
her commitments to preserve self reliance, personal property rights and fiscal solvency in Hemet,  Council member Milne also serves as liaison to the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency board, the Riverside Conservation Authority Board, the Hemet ROCS board, the Library Board and actively participates in groups within the community.