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City Fire Chief's Message
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Fire Chief, Scott Brown

Hemet Fire Departments Service Options Analysis Report

Please take the opportunity to review the Hemet Fire Departments Service Options Analysis report. The report is an important first step in our continuing efforts to enhance Fire/EMS Services for our City. The report highlights a number of important areas that I view as opportunities for us to improve service delivery, as well as address operational deficiencies.  My commitment is and will continue to place focus on the following three areas; Firefighter Safety, Operational Readiness, as well as ensuring our ability to carry out our Mission mandate, now,  and well into the future.  

Please call me anytime should you have any questions about is content –

Click Here For Report - Hemet Final Report

Thank you!


Scott Brown

Fire Chief

City of Hemet Fire/EMS Department

City of Hemet Fire/EMS Department


Thank you for visiting the Hemet Fire Department website, a valuable resource for our community. For more than 100 years, the Hemet Fire Department has held the preservation of life, property and the environment in the highest regard. As your Fire Chief, I am responsible to ensure we provide the highest level of response to fires, medical rescues, hazardous materials and other emergencies.


"The Hemet Fire Department is Dedicated to Community Safety and the Preservation of Life, Property and the Environment."

We strive to accomplish our mission every single day. We strive to serve the public the best way we can. Please tell us how we are doing. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Message from Fire Chief, Scott Brown:

It’s hard to believe it will be one year on December 3, 2015 since I joined the Hemet Fire Department. The dedicated professionals of our Fire/EMS Department continue to amaze me with their steadfast commitment to excellence – selfless service to the community and their pride in the work they do each and every day for our Citizens.

Our Firefighters have contributed not only to our community; they have given back to the State. Hemet Fire/EMS units have been actively involved in the fire sieges in Northern California – during the last several weeks, HFD Firefighters have responded and performed in an exemplary fashion – Job Well Done! 

Since my last message, I am pleased to report significant progress on a number of initiatives that have placed focus on the rebuilding of our Fire/EMS Department. As previously reported, the Standards of Coverage / Deployment Study was completed and presented to the City Council in June 2015. A total of 27 recommendations were identified as a result of the reports analysis of the Hemet Fire/ EMS Department.

The recommendations are far reaching, focusing on operational enhancements, administrative re-alignments including functional and structural changes to our emergency response model. The report based these on three fundamental principles and priorities which I have established as your Fire Chief; Firefighter Safety, Operational Readiness and to ensure the Fire Departments continued ability to meet its mission mandate.

Another important milestone is well underway, the Hemet Fire/ EMS Department has recently completed its first ever Firefighter/Paramedic recruitment process – our team is in the process of completion of the second phase of the recruitment, having recently completed the Paramedic testing part of the process, next step is the interview / appraisal panel, the final interviews and selection process is slated for mid November, early December 2015. We are also finalizing the Captains promotional process, the Captain’s position is a critical component of our Leadership team – candidates who are successful in this process will fill vacancies that have resulted from retirements and for future promotional opportunities as we move our organization into the future.    

I am pleased to report that the City Council recently approved the purchase of two type 1 fire engines, the vendor has been selected, contract awarded with an anticipated delivery in 180- 200 days. These new state of the art fire engines will replace frontline apparatus that are near the end of their operational service lifespan – which is typically 10 years.  These apparatus will then be rotated into our “ready reserve fleet” and be available when needed when the frontline engines need maintenance or operationally they can be returned to service as required to support large fires, disasters or other related response needs.


We have also received formal approval to move forward on the replacement of Firefighter Safety gear – specifically, the replacement of Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment, referred to as (PPE). Additionally, we have just completed field testing of various portable radios as part of a larger initiative also approved by the City Council to replace aging portable radios with new state of the art radios.   

Our Emergency Services section has made significant progress in the development of our CERT program. To date, I am proud to report that Hemet Fire/EMS Department has delivered a total of 6 CERT based Academies, our Department has re-doubled its participation in the operational area – specifically disaster preparedness activities and has recently completed an exhaustive review and update to the City of Hemet’s Emergency Operational plan.

Disasters can strike at any time – as we move towards the winter months, the spectra of a possible El Nino event is looming. Accordingly, our Emergency Services section has initiated the planning process, including bringing all city departments together to evaluate response and preparedness activities. This will be crucial towards establishing a response network that integrates not only fire, police, public works and other support agencies, this effort includes establishing the integration of our volunteer and community based resources, such as CERT.  I have said it before, I will say it again, the community will be an important force multiplier in our efforts to respond to and recover from any disaster - get involved now!

In closing, I would like to personally extend my deepest appreciation for allowing me to serve you – each and every day I am reminded what makes our City great – including the men and women of the Hemet Fire/ EMS Department.

Please feel to contact me anytime – by email at or my office at (951) 765-2450.

Scott Brown
Fire Chief, B.S.M., EFO
City of Hemet Fire/EMS Department