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Cybersecurity Awareness
Technology impacts all of us. Every advance adds convenience and simplicity to our lives. That convenience and simplicity creates new opportunities for everyone; including criminals. There are simple steps we can take to protect against malicious activity.

A cybersecurity awareness campaign was launched 10 years ago to provide education on these potential dangers. This ongoing partnership between the private sector, non-profits and government agencies at all levels is known as: STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

Data breaches and cyber crimes are often a result of individual choices and not following good practices, rather than one of bad technology. The City of Hemet is committed to supporting cybersecurity awareness and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  We encourage everyone to get involved and educate themselves on the safe use of technology and staying safe online.

To learn more about how to stay safe online, please visit the STOP. THINK. CONNECT and STAY SAFE ONLINE websites.

 Stop Think Connect

City of Hemet Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2017 Proclamation (PDF)

City of Hemet Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2016 Proclamation (PDF)

City of Hemet Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2015 Proclamation (PDF)